The dormitory at Dong Hwa University has been designed and built with a European style. Among the type of rooms we provide: Single room, Double room and Quadruple room. Each room comes with one desk, a chair, book cabinet and a wardrobe, all made of unprocessed wood. Every room has its own telephone and internet plug. Every floor in the dormitory counts with 4 to 8 rooms. In the dormitory there is also one social room that is shared and also provides many restrooms well distributed in the building.

Every dormitory has a Lobby, Laundromat and Kitchen are located on every floor. Many sport fields are located near dormitories as Basketball, baseball, volleyball fields.

Facillities near dormitories: Swimming pool, gym, restaurants, convenient stores.

If you would like to rent a place outside campus, there are so many options and an average rent is about $5000NTD per month and needs to be done personally.

NDHU Guidelines Governing Student Dorm; Applications and Refunds

Student Living Services Division