Course Work

The framework of Ph.D. courses is guided by the mutual interactions of academic disciplines and practices. The principles of course design are: first, offer theoretical foundation courses with regional research characteristics. Second, encourage the multi-value and cross-discussion topics with global perspective. Third, enhance the cooperation practices of enterprise-university-government relations.

Compulsory Courses

     -Research Methods of Social Science Studies (APRS)

     -Theory of Regional Studies (APRS)

     -Topics of Asia-Pacific Research (APRS)

     -Independent Research/Resident Research (APRS)

Elective Courses

     -Human Ecosystem Framework-Theory and Application (TRS)

     -Southeast Asia Policy (PA)

     -Human Rights (PA)

     -Platform Economic (ECON)

     -Industrial Organization and Trade Theory (ECON)

     -Globalization and Migration (SOCI)

     -Sociology of Gender (SOCI)

     -History and Social Memory (TRS)

     -Taiwanese Diaspora: A Global Perspective (HIS)

     -Western Medicine in East Asia (HIS)

     -Regional Development and Resource Management (APRS)

     -Community Development in Asia (APRS)

     -Asian Economic Integration (APRS)

     -The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Global Economy (APRS)